"Images only exist where the other exists" Serge Daney.

In this our first year, our aim is to show “useful” photographs. The documentary format therefore appeared to be the most appropriate medium for this. Bolstered by the success of the first ImageSingulières, we prepared the second with enthusiasm.

The guiding principle remains the same: to make this festival a fulcrum of friendly and engaged debate, revolving around documentary photography. We also hope to bring the three Sète museums together: a project planned for this year.

Sète is certainly more than your average city with a pleasant lifestyle. The whole festival team can testify to the involvement of many volunteers, without whom none of this would have been possible. This, along with public support, has given us greatest satisfaction.

Juliana Beasley, a young New York photographer, author of the third book in the ImageSingulières collection after Anders Petersen and Bertrand Meunier, is exhibiting square format colour images from her Sète residency in the Tarbouriech Room. Over the years, Sète is becoming a real ‘laboratory’ for contemporary documentary photography.

 The Upper Town Chapel is following up on the 2009 exhibition on apartheid with ‘American Journey’ by Danish photographer Jacob Holdt: an extraordinary odyssey into the America of the seventies.

We are delighted that the Skalli wine cellars will continue to be the festival’s central location. Here, among other things, there is a Jacques Windenberger retrospective: a unique record of the history of France from 1960 to the present. The central area of Victor Hugo school will be set up to host ‘Capitolio’, an exhibition by Christopher Anderson of Magnum.

Meanwhile, the Regional Center for Contemporary Art will house recent work by Michael Ackerman and a series of portraits of small business life by Rajak Ohanian. As always, the main thrust is to present contrasting styles and eras. We will also be holding three evening screenings in the Skalli wine cellars, including one dedicated to Pierre Verger.

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