07 MAY > 31 MAI
The Languedoc-Roussillon Regional
Centre for Contemporary Art

Michael Ackerman’s exhibition ‘Half Life’, the culmination of work begun in 2001 after the publication of his book, ‘Fiction,’ features a selection of partly unpublished works and a projection. Michael Ackerman traveled to New York, Havana, Paris, Warsaw, Cracow and Berlin, where he has recently made his home, but his photographs, shun the constraints of traditional documentary. They blur geographic borders and evoke a space beyond narrative – a purely mental creation. With their surreal lighting, deep blacks and grainy texture, his photographs reflect a blend of tenderness, love, loneliness and anxiety, revealing something of the artist’s own mental workings, emotions and obsessions. This exhibition is held in partnership with Strasbourg’s Stimultania, Galerie VU’ and La Souris sur le Gâteau.