13 MAY > 30 MAY
The Upper Town Chapel

Jacob Holdt was 24 years old when he in 1971 decided to journey across the American continent. This young Danish minister's son was shocked by what he saw: an America of poverty, exclusion and racism. When he described this misery in the letters he sent his incredulous parents, his father decided to send him a small camera so as to back his stories up with ‘evidence’, and so began a long journey across the United States that would last five years.

Bearing witness in this way is an exacting task, and it made a photographer of Jacob Holdt. He took thousands of colour pictures, collected in the form of a personal diary, which were then published as ‘American Pictures’ in 1978. Virtually unknown in the world of photography, Jacob Holdt is more familiar in Danish activist circles. He now lives from the anti-racism lectures he gives, based on the documentary work undertaken back then.

This exhibition is organised with the support of the GwinZegal association.