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Starting from the premise (Aristotle) that imperfection is the greatest of perfections, Gianni Cipriano, a Sicilian photographer who splits his time between New York and Palermo, is proposing a tour of Italy under Berlusconi and its silicon beauties.
He has travelled extensively across Italy, on the lookout for improbable beauty queens in six “unconventional” Miss competitions. In Italy he told us: ‘Beauty became a political tool during the Berlusconi era. Since the eighties, his media empire has introduced a culture of luxury and sex in order to shape his electorate.’
Italy has become a country where female television stars are parachuted towards power, and this modern power has resulted in an unprecedented wave of beauty contests of all types.

Exhibition produced in partnership with Gares & Connexions.


• Born in 1983 in Sicily, Gianni Cipriano is an independent photographer who shares his time between New York and Palermo. He studied at the International Center of Photography in New York, and trained with the photojournalists Ron Haviv and Christopher Anderson. In 2008, he featured amongst the "Emerging Talent" in the Getty Images reporting category. Since 2009, Gianni Cipriano has belonged to the Reflexions Masterclass, an international seminar for teaching contemporary photography. For three consecutive years, he has been nominated at the Joop Swart World Press Photo Masterclass. His work relates to social, political and economic themes. He is interested in the link between identity and the influence of mass culture. His work has been published in the New York Times, Le Monde, D Repubblica and Vanity Fair. His work is distributed by OnOffPicture.



Exhibition "Perfect"
Place Cambon
In the presence of the photographer.


• Book signing sessions have been organised in partnership with the bookshop L'Échappée Belle, during previews and at the Chais des Moulins, from 8th to 12th May.