Beginning with the bridge of the Ascension Day, the festival invests the city of Sète. The station, chapel, wine warehouse, bowling pitch…ten or so unexpected venues in all become home to original images. It is the time for documentary photography to move in. It is the time for the ImageSingulières festival. Marked by warmth and friendliness, these photography encounters and exchanges introduce us to unique perspectives focused on the contemporary world. Perspectives which urge and provoke thought. Then continue to stroll with short breaks in improvised bistros, special evenings, meetings...This is what can be expected each year at the ImageSingulières Festival.

Created in 2003, CéTàVOIR strives to enhance public awareness of documentary photography through commissioned photographers, book publications, the production and dissemination of exhibitions, but also actions aimed at raising awareness conducted in surrounding areas and with school children. Since 2009, it carries the festival ImageSingulières and, in 2011, it opened the doors of the Maison de l’Image Documentaire.


Bernadette Alambret
Chairwoman of the CéTàVOIR association

Valérie Laquittant
Festival director / Regional press contact
Tél. : 04 67 18 27 54

Gilles Favier
Artistic director of the festival

Christian Caujolle
Artistic advisor

Lisa Bouys
Assistant / Manager for relations with photographers

Camille Baroux
In charge with the educational service

Nathalie Blanc Teacher in charge with the educational service

Abel Zaroukian
Assistant to the artistic director

Robin Oggiano
Assistant for the France VUE D'ICI project

Vladimir Vasilev
Festival printer

Felix Fouquet
Organisation of screening evenings

Relations médias | Catherine Philippot
& Prune Philippot
Tél. : 01 40 47 63 42

Gaël René - Wako
Technical Manager

Louise Jablonowska

Romain Barbot

Loic Bonnaure
Festival photographer