Documentary books are now commonplace, the very term documentary has been rejuvenated and now we must claim ownership of it. All of that reassures us in the decisions we have made regarding the creation of the ImageSingulières Festival, to discuss photography that would have meaning, content but also form. If bringing such a project to fruition is at times a calling at a time when the economy is still questionable, we would like to thank the town of Sète for its continued support.

ImageSingulières has partnered with FIFV (Valparaíso International Photography Festival) since 2015. It was therefore natural to assign the residency to four budding Chilean photographers, Tomás Quiroga, Nicolas Wormull, Paula López-Droguett and Cristóbal Olivares. Symbolically, the Sète #16 book will be produced and printed in Chile. The exhibition already premiered in Valparaíso in November 2015. Furthermore, images of the ‘port at the back of beyond’ by Anders Petersen and Alberto García-Alix will be presented at the Boulodrome for the first time.

‘Working Class Heroes’ is a group exhibition around three very different representations of the working class also at the Boulodrome. Flavio Tarquinio, Mehdi Ahoudig and Samuel Bollendorff depicting northern France and Kirill Golovchenko revealing Ukraine.

At the Centre Régional d’Art Contemporain, we will attempt to analyse the development of Guillaume Herbaut’s photography from classic photojournalism to independant documentary, through his Ukrainian images. In the Tarbouriech room, Christian Lutz is likely to take away any desire to holiday in Las Vegas with his work on the invisible underclass in the gambling capital of the world. The Maison de l’Image Documentaire will focus on Belgium with prisons by Sébastien Van Malleghem and aristocrats by Rip Hopkins.

At the Chais des Moulins, we’ll celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Agence VU’ with Christian Caujolleas as project manager. We decided to pay tribute to many great Spanish photographers who helped forge the history of VU in a monumental group exhibition with Cristina García-Rodero, Isabel Muñoz, Chema Madoz, Virxilio Viétiez, Ricard Terré, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Alberto García-Alix. An evening film screening will also be devoted to current Agence VU’ photographers and another, a small event in the field of photography, to a conversation/screening between Anders Petersen and Christian Caujolle around detention centres, Café Lehmitz, prison…

Lastly Sète station will be adorned with images from our project ‘LA FRANCE VUE D’ICI’ conducted with our friends from Mediapart.

Artistic Director of ImageSingulières